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Private Key Import and Watch-only Address Accounts

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I get this often when trying to access the site, and especially since it's been messing the last few days, here: https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/
Message: "Quota Exceeded (Req Count Limit)"
CoinKite at - gcvqzacplu4veul4.onion Is not a great alternative for the following reasons:
Despite what everyone has against the Blockchain 2-day outage, they have the quickest and best Tor operating site when functional.
Does anyone know of Tor-friendly alternatives besides Coinkite?
Sidenote: Quite some time ago there was a detailed exploit that showed that individuals using desktop wallets could be de-anonymized. I can't remember the details specifically, but since then I've limited myself to cold-storage paper wallets and web wallets whenever making purchases. If anyone knows the information and could link it here it would be much obliged.
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List of Requests for Circles product.

While coinbase & coinkite are great for us enthusiasts we could really use something we can get our friends and family to use. So I'm counting on Circle to make something incredible that goes beyond novelty and actually provides financial services people truly need.
Here is my list of requests, please comment and add your own below:
• Never talk about BTC prices and instead tell users how much they have in US dollars. Somewhere hidden in the account details is the BTC balance and the current exchange rate API.
• Have a clever communication method of introducing the idea that their balance will be going up and down based on the rate of adoption. Possibly describing it as a positive and negative "interest" that is based on the overall adoption of bitcoin.
• Give an option for dollar for dollar balance for conservative users who don't volatility. For people with small amounts of money this might be preferable for some. Also it gives people power over volatility. This way if they choose volatility it's a choice rather then a default.
• Get rid of the word "wallet" and instead just call it their account.
• Be in android & iOS! Hire someone just to deal with Apple and get through to them. Maybe integrate into iBeacon to entice them. You've got to Steve Jobs them. Talk to them the way Steve Jobs used to talk to potential partners that got them on board. Persistence. It'll happen.
• Have your app launch the QR scan when opened by default. Assume they are opening the app to spend money and again, list the amount being spent in US dollars. (for US customers)
• Vibrate the phone with a pulse when the QR registers. This way it has a more NFC feel. You don't have to "take a picture" you just have to set the phone near the QR display.
• Get rid of the term "confirmation" and instead just have it immediately say "complete" once the transaction has been picked up by a few nods. Have an "info" button that can be pressed and the number of transactions and other techy blockchain info like transaction ID and confirmations can be hidden there.
• Have a cool animation during payments happening. Definitely don't say "spending inputs & outputs" or anything odd like that. Keep in mind spending money is fun.
• Let the user categorize the payment after they make them by choosing from a list of such as "food, entertainment, gifts, technology, services, home products, transportation, accomodation/rent, gas & other" or something like that. Also allow additional tags to be added with a more discrete button as a feature for power users. But do try to have all users at least categorize as they go. That'll be part of the fun. Part of the quantified self movement of tracking ones habbits.
• Provide charts to show someone how they are spending their bitcoin.
• Don't ask people to label the address they just paid because chances are it's a unique address created just for that transaction.
• Connect to facebook and Gmail to find any contacts that are also using circle so they are accessible in a "contacts" area of the app so they can be sent money easily any time. Imagine a friend paying your lunch bill and you quickly sending them 10 dollars on the spot. No QR scanning between friends. At a merchant that's ok but there has to be a better way then phone sex. Use existing social networks to find people or their email address if no other option exists. As a last resort scan their QR. Allow a scanned QR to be turned into a saved contact from a list of transactions in the same way you can add a contact on your phone from a list of calls you've made.
• When opening the app have the most often paid contacts be one click away on the same screen that has the QR scanner.
• Allow for exporting of transactions, with time stamps, categories and added notes to help those with businesses pull out and total up their deductible expenses. Possibly even a tool to do this on the site without the need for a spreadsheet.
• Allow a photo to be assigned to a transaction that's just occurred. Not a primary feature but good for the legal bread crumbs since payments are not reversible and since there is a slight lack of receipts beyond the blockchain and account history. Documentation of certain transactions could be useful for future audits.
• Allow for geo stamps to be stored with each transaction but also allow that option to be turned off in a very clear method.
• Provide all users accounts with both with an "active" balance a "safe" balance. This is like checking and savings. Keep everyone's safe balance in cold storage and have their be a delay when they move from their safe to their active. This way they can't get robbed at gunpoint for more then what's in their active account.
• Provide a dummy safe for power users with a lot of money in there. This is a special password the user memorizes and if forced to show a criminal their safe balance they can show the dummy safe.
• Provide monthly automation such as "transfer X dollars worth of bitcoin per week to the active balance." Or "send X dollars on the 1st of each month to X contact."
• Don't really have "addresses" but instead contacts and QR codes. If at a store you pay a QR and if you're paying your roommate your share of rent you are paying a contact. Somewhere hidden can be the address but it's really not important to have access to it.
• Provide a bridge between old financial services and new financial services under one roof. Allow users to endorse their pay check to Circle by photographing the check and sending it to Circle who will process the check for you and put the balance in your account at present exchange rate. This way it's possible for lot's of people with straight forward lives to not even need a bank account and not have to pay those monthly fees. It's okay to charge $5 dollars per check deposited or whatever it costs you and it's worth it to get money moved straight into bitcoin with no need for a personal bank.
• Market to employers a system to pay their employees in bitcoin.
• Allow for a bill pay type check to be sent using the persons bitcoin balance. This way if they have rent or they have a utility bill that simply won't accept bitcoin and that won't accept a credit card either then Circle could just simply cut a check and send it to the address the user requests and then deduct the money immediately over to their own traditional banking account that can cover the check once it clears. A service like this is worth a few dollars or whatever it costs to not have to deal with keeping a bank account and the whole pain in the ass that is. But also this is a marketing opportunity to put a little slip in with the check that says, "streamline your bill collecting" or something to that effect. Even if you are marketing a partner service like bitpay or coinbase it's still better that you get these places to eventually accept bitcoin so that your customers are better served.
• Partner with a traditional credit card company that is able to have it's monthly bill be paid in bitcoin. This way someone with no bank account can still have a credit card and be able to smooth over their monthly finances and pay for things like cell phone bills. There could be a way for the bitcoin balance to even provide security on the credit card making it a "pre-paid" credit card. The card could even be branded "Circle" if possible and it would be very cool to know you can use bitcoin to pay for things even when all that is accepted is a credit card.
• On the security side have all transactions be multi-signature. This way the app on the phone is not just communicating with Circle, it's also communicating with the blockchain itself by co-signing along with circle the transactions. This way a private key can exist in the app and be something a user also has on a print out in case they loose their phone. This way if Circle was hacked they wouldn't be able to take anyone's money. The users would have to also be hacked at the same time which would be hard to do wide spread. Also it would keep all balances on the blockchain this way. Far better then one giant Circle account on the blockchain with all kinds of virtual accounts. Virtual accounts are too vulnerable to hacking and require too much auditing. Having your balance always audit-able in real time on the blockchain is better. Also a transaction can be refused by Circle if suspicious activity exists around a particular address, GPS location or any number of security variables that Circle could employ.
Provide this to the world and Circle will be King! Or... if they don't then it's wide open for anyone else to jump on this user friendly approach. Thoughts?
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How To Find Private Key of Imported Blockchain Address Import non spendable bitcoin with private key - YouTube import non spendable bitcoin with private key 2019 - YouTube How to Find Private key, spend non spendable, import ... Bitcoin Private Key Finder (Android & PC)

Trezor requires a USB/Web bridge, is not that simple. You could ask them to plug Coinkite's API into You could import individual private keys into Coinkite. or watch the trezor's bitcoin address to get notifications. soon sign multi-sig transactions. Or ```Key.from_text(b58_text)``` accepts an address (bitcoin or other), a WIF, or a BIP32 wallet string and yield a Key. ```Key.from_sec(sec)``` creates a Key from the SEC bytestream encoding of a public pair. pycoin.key.bip32.Wallet (formerly pycoin.wallet.Wallet) provides a BIP32 hierarchical wallet. At this point, I tried exporting the private keys from blockchain and importing to another site (coinkite). The coinkite import private key routine resolved the private key of to different public addresses. I'm out of options so I figured I'd pose this problem to the forum. Thanks in advance for any help. Private Key-- I find this in my welcome to Coinkite email. I am aware to not share my private key. Further to this, this message is at the bottom of the welcome email: Attached is an encrypted copy of your private key. The password for that file will be publicized if Coinkite shuts down. Today we are launching two new features: watch-only accounts and private-key import (key sweeping). Watch-only accounts are just as easy to add as standard sub-accounts: just give us the bitcoin address to monitor for credits and debits. The new account shows up along side your other Coinkite accounts, even though we have no access to those funds.

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How To Find Private Key of Imported Blockchain Address

Download / Скачать . . . . . . blockchain, bitcoin, blockchain hack, btc, bitcoin hack, cryptocurrency, free bitcoin, et... The ownership of Bitcoin is determined by the digital private key, Bitcoin address and digital signature. Private keys are created by users and stored in wallet files or database, rather than ... Find Private key Spend Non-spendable Import wallet balance A step-by-Step guide on how to safely recover your lost or stolen bitcoin to a new wallet. contact... Get a professional to get you private key for your existing watch only For more visit Like,comment and subscribe Import non spendable bitcoin with private key - Duration: 15:25. Thomas lee Cutt 11,430 views. 15:25. bitcoin Private keys - puzzle 3,4,5 2019 lucky enough to find 3.8 million bitcoins lying ...